Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Got a lovely cold ATM which kinda hampers training ... Better dig out the asthma pump and hope that helps with breathing on my runs .... Otherwise woohhhoo bring on 2012 ...

Monday, 21 November 2011

Bad times ....

A serious lack of running the past week due to work and family commitments w... Gonna have to start the really early morning runs again ... Yay naaaaaaat ... I think it's the only way I'm goin to be able to fit it all in .... I'm looking forward to 2012

Monday, 7 November 2011

One week in ....

Well Wat can I say ... 1 week in and I can feel the fitness coming back slowly although I am a lot above the ideal marathoners weight ... It's more like witness the fatness at the moment lol .... Well keep checking back for updates ....

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Let the training begin. . . . .

Ok so this year I am running the London Marathon for the  NSPCC an amazing cause that is close to my heart.

So whats the goal this year??

To raise as much money as possible for the NSPCC
To beat my time of 5hr 4Mins
Not to get ill the week before the marathon - I was ill in 2011
To have as much fun as possible when taking on an epic task that is a Marathon.

This year will be slightly different as I am running two marathons in two weeks. First I will run the Great Welsh Marathon on April 15th then on to London during the middle of that week for some relaxation before completing the London Marathon on April 22nd. I think this will be a super challenge for me and will really focus my mind on my training, which this year will be taking place in a whole different area and on very different terrain - I have moved Maesteg due to my new position as Head Golf Professional I hope that the training on the hills around my new home will benefit me.

On another note I am also enetered into the Ironman UK 70.3 so keep checking my blog to keep up to date on my training and results from any other events that I may enter.